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Jungle Fishing Reports Thailand

Fishing reports from our guided Lure and Fly fishing trips in some of the most beautiful and untouched jungle water in Thailand

Many Big And Beautiful Fish - Thai FishingReport 9Many Big And Beautiful Fish – Report 9

Last season offered many large and beautiful fish to many of our customers.

The water level in the lake was the lowest in a couple of years. But the huge jungle lake and rivers showed again this area provides the best freshwater fishing in Thailand for anglers; looking for a unique fishing experience in the wild. Many of the fly fishing days in the Jungle Rivers, were outstanding. When you lose track of how many Mahseer there were caught on a given day you know it’s been good……Continue reading

Jungle Lake Fishing Thailand - Thai Fishing Report 8Jungle Lake Fishing Thailand – Report 8

Late January came Velici from Romania by with two of his friends. For 3 days lure fishing trip on the Lake.

On the second morning on this trip, they caught a Thai Mahseer that stands-out from everything else that has been caught, so far in this season; An incredibly beautiful Thai Mahseer of 24lbs and 110 cm long. The Lake has fished fine with Giant Snakehead up to around 6 kg and some of the estuaries has been full of 2 – 3 kg Hampala barb…….Continue reading

Mahseer Fly Fishing December - Thai Fishing Report 7Mahseer Fly fishing December – Report 7

Paul Heytens from the US come by again in early December for some Jungle river fly fishing.

The fishing was difficult because the monsoon rains stopped late this year. So there was high water in the rivers and some of them still run discolored. But at this time of the year you have the best chance for a trophy Mahseer, because they haven’t seen any anglers and are freely consuming an abundance of food to maintain their size; and Yes! He bumped into some big Mahseer……Continue reading

Fly Rods from CL Fly Denmark - Thai Fishing Report 6Fly Rods from CL Fly Denmark – Report 6

After being in the fly fishing business, as a guide the last 15 years. We have tried many different fly rods and we are pretty selective when it comes to our fly fishing equipment.

We are pleased that we now can offer these fly rods from C-L Fly Denmark to our customers. In this season we have got a new rod in our collection of fly rods. The “Seven’ Eight” fly rod from CL Fly Denmark. This is a 7.8 ft long fly rod which casts with a 18 grams line……Continue reading

Fly Fishing Collaborative in Thailand - Thai Fishing Report 5Fly Fishing Collaborative in Thailand – Report 5

Late in October, Thai Fishing had the honor to organize a guided Mahseer fly fishing trip, for the non-profit organization Fly Fishing Collaborative.

They had spent the last two weeks building a Tilapia fish farm. So that the children that live at this Orphanage, now have a sustainable living for years to come. And an opportunity to live without fear of human traffickers. Some of the guys had decided they would celebrate it with a short fly fishing trip……Continue reading

Mahseer Camping Trip - Thai Fishing Report 4Mahseer Camping Trip – Report 4

A 4 day and 3 night Mahseer fly fishing camping trip. On this fishing trip we were far up in one of the jungle rivers. From day 2 we fly fished in jungle waters that have never seen a fly fisherman before. And the fishing become only better and better as deeper we went. 

Late in January had Jed booked a Mahseer fly fishing trip to the Jungle Rivers in southern Thailand. Jed comes from the area around Lake Michigan which is one of the five Great Lakes of North America……Continue reading

River And Lake Fishing Trip - Thai Fishing Report 3River And Lake Fishing Trip – Report 3

A 5 day and 4 night jungle fishing trip, with catches of Big Thai Mahseer and Giant Snakehead. We spent most of our fish time on the beautiful Jungle Lake. But we also did a day trip, up in one of the pristine jungle rivers

Mid December came Rhine from South Africa over for 5 day jungle fishing trip in Southern Thailand. Rhine grew up within walking distance of good fishing for Bass and Tilapia, and the fishing trips for Tiger Fish…….Continue reading

Fly Fishing Trip in Southern Thailand - Thai Fishing Report 2Fly Fishing Trip in Southern Thailand – Report 2

Finnur from Iceland had booked 3 days and 2 nights Mahseer fly fishing trip with riverside camp. The Jungle Rivers from the eastern mountains had recently got a lot of rain and were still running with too high water for fishing.

But one of the bigger rivers, where the water comes from a westerly  direction, runs with fine clear water for fly fishing. After a short stop in our jungle base camp for lunch and to make final equipment checks…….Continue reading

Lake Fly And Lure Fishing Trip - Thai Fishing Report 2Lake Fly And Lure Fishing Trip – Report 1

Two anglers from Denmark (Nicolaj & Erik)  had booked, a seven-day guided fishing trip. In both saltwater, and freshwater in mid-September. The plan was to start with saltwater fishing and end their fishing holiday. With a 4 day and 3 night fishing trip in the jungle.

The two weeks before their arrival had been stormy, with very heavy rain. This made it impossible to fish in the ocean around Khao Lak. So we were forced to start with the Jungle fishing and hope that the water was not too colored…….Continue reading

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