Fishing in Thailand Fly fishing and Jungle Fishing Trips
Fly Fishing in Thailand and Jungle Fishing Trips
Fishing in Thailand Fly fishing and Jungle Fishing Trips
Fly Fishing in Thailand and Jungle Fishing Trips
Fly Fishing in Thailand and Jungle Fishing Trips
Fishing in Thailand Fly fishing and Jungle Fishing Trips

Fishing in Thailand, Fly Fishing & Jungle Fishing Trips

Fly fishing Thailand’s best Mahseer Rivers and Top action Lure fishing trips, for Giant Snakehead in untouched Jungle water. We offer guided freshwater lure and fly-fishing in Thailand for anglers, who prefer to fish in the wild.

Thai Fishing is the only fishing guide service that specializes in jungle fishing in Thailand. We only do fishing trips to the wild jungle on Cheow Lan Lake and the jungle rivers in Khao Sok National Park. It is our goal to create a fishing holiday for you that will remain in your heart and memory for years to come; all our fishing tours are tailored to your needs and experience, along with high quality fishing equipment.

Our jungle fishing trips give you the chance of getting close to the life on the amazing Cheow Lan Lake, and in the jungle rivers in Khao Sok, which is one of Thailand’s major National Parks. You can expect to find idyllic fishing waters, wonderful wild fish and magnificent scenery.

Vast areas of Thailand are jungle.

Almost a third of the country is covered in dense jungle; Cheow Lan Lake and the jungle rivers in Khao Sok National Park are in the south. Here is the best freshwater lure and fly fishing Thailand can offer anglers, who prefer to fish in the wild. Experience all the wildlife in the unspoiled jungle and fish where only a few have been before. Here the jungle rivers run crystal clear from the mountains through Cheow Lan Lake and hide some outstanding Mahseer fly fishing. The lake offers top action with surface lures for Giant Snakehead and Hampala barb. This is a true once-in-a-lifetime fishing experience; a jaunt like this together with the incredible wildlife and beautiful natural surroundings, is just so much more than a fishing trip.

Fly Fishing in Thailand For Mahseer.Fly Fishing Thailand

In the clear river that runs deep inside the unspoiled jungle of Khao Sok National Park; lives the beautiful Mahseer. These are trophy jungle rivers, where huge Mahseer cautiously cruises in deep pools. The rivers offer top fly fishing with nymph and dry flies and some amazing sight fishing; which can be one of the most exciting and rewarding ways to catch the mighty Mahseer.

The gear for fly fishing in the rivers is the same type as used for trout fly fishing in general around the world. 9ft fast fly rods in Class 6-8 are perfect for nymph and dry fly fishing in these rivers. A good pair of sunglasses with Polaroid lenses and also a cap/eye shade to help cut out dazzle from the light are always important to carry on a fly fishing trip. A good pair of wet wading boots is necessary on this trip. Read more…

Fishing in Thailand for Giant Snakehead.Fishing Thailand

Besides the rivers fantastic Mahseer fly fishing, the lake offers exiting lure fishing for Giant snakehead and Hampala barb; they hunt prey with an aggression rarely found in other fish. Giant Snakehead are true killing machines that unmercifully attack their victim. They will often lie in shallow water, in thick vegetation, for passing prey they can pounce on.

It is the Giant snakehead’s love of frogs that makes surface fishing for them so interesting. If you enjoy the thrill of explosive top-water strikes, you will love the Giant Snakehead. The lake fishing is mostly done with lures, but there is also an opportunity to fly fish in the lake and river mouth. So for the fly fisherman, it is also a good idea to try fly fishing with popper and streamers. Read more…

We offer fishing and living in ‘several’ different ways.

When fishing on Cheow Lan Lake (fishing for Giant snakehead) you will stay in a floating bungalow on the lake. When fishing the Jungle Rivers will you have the chance to fish in several rivers in the area. We do day trips to one of the rivers and you will have the opportunity to fish a new river on the next day. You are transported in longtail boats to the fishing grounds. You can also choose to move further up the rivers in Khao Sok and camp overnight. Camp near the river and sleep in a hammock. The other option is that you return to your bungalow at the end of the day.

The most complete Jungle fishing packages in Thailand.

We are proud to offer you the opportunity of fishing in this unique place. Our Jungle fishing packages include; all fishing equipment and transfer from Phuket and Surat Thani Airport or from any hotel in Phuket and Khao Lak or Krabi town; all meals during the trip and accommodation in our jungle camp. We provide English speaking fishing guides and will assist all anglers to the level required. Our guides’ knowledge of the lake and rivers makes them the best fishing guides in Thailand for these pristine jungle waters.

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