River And Lake Fishing Trip – Fishing Report 3

A 5 day and 4 night jungle fishing trip, with catches of Big Thai Mahseer and Giant Snakehead. We spent most of our fish time on the beautiful Jungle Lake. But we also did a day trip, up in one of the pristine jungle rivers

Fishing Thailand ReportMid December came Rhine from South Africa over for 5 day jungle fishing trip in Southern Thailand. Rhine grew up within walking distance of good fishing for Bass and Tilapia, and the fishing trips for Tiger Fish. With crocodiles on the riverbanks and hippos in the mud, sounded like some very exciting angling experiences.

The fishing trip start with a pick up from Khao Lak at 7 am. We arrived at base camp at 11 am; we got our Bungalows and had plenty of time until the evening fishing would start. So we used the time on a good lunch and preparing of the fishing gear. The first evening we fished with top water lures in a bay, where we had found an area with shallow water. With Rhineā€™s fishing experience, it did not take long before, he caught the first of 3 Giant Snakehead, up to 4 pounds.

The second day

We fished a new spot, an area with deep water which on previous fishing trips, has given contact with very large fish. After about an hour, Rhine hooked into a big fish, which really could bend the rod and take some line. After a long battle with some thrilling hard runs under the boat at the end of the fight. We were able to land an incredible beautiful Thai Mahseer on 8+ kg. In the evening we chased again Snakehead, with top water lures. Where the catch were smaller Giant Snakehead and Hampala Barb up to one and a half kilos.

Next day

We spent most of the fishing time in one of the Jungle Rivers. we took lunch with us and fished upstream. If you can cast your lure on the spot, you will usually catch fish, Rhine hit many of the spots. He caught about 15 fish, mixed Blue Mahseer and Hampala Barb and 2 good size blotched snakehead. With the biggest fish around 2.5 kg.

About 2:30 p.m. we decided to go quickly back to the boat. In this way, we will were able to fish the last hours in the lake before dark. The Lake had a water level that allowed the large river beds shallow weedy areas to keep fish. We fished this river bed downstream with top water lures. After a few strikes from some smaller Snakehead, Rhine hooked a big Giant Snakehead far out in the cast. but lost it close to the boat, with a note, it does not matter, I know, I had you!.

Next morning

We were back and fish, in the weeds again. As we drifted over the area we saw several big fish chasing bait fish in the reeds. Rhine showed again how a popper should be fished and caught a beautiful 5 kilo Giant Snakehead. That morning we also saw a big Thai Mahseer, which hunted bait in the shallow water. But it became scared and left at high speed. In the evening we fished a place where we had seen some good size fish early on the trip. Unfortunately without catch, but we could at least console ourselves with an incredibly beautiful sunset.

The last morning

We were back and fished one of the big river bed shallow weedy areas, after a time came some big fish in from the deeper water. Rhine hooked a good fish, which showed to be a nice Hampala Barb on the right side of 2 kg, after lunch we packed and said goodbye to the bungalow staff. We fished some spots on the way back to the pier and caught 5 smaller Giant Snakehead. Rhine came close to catching a new species, but he lost one of the rare Cobra Snakehead close to the boat. We arrived at the pier at 17:00. 2 hours later, we arrived in Khao Lak and I could say goodbye for now to Rhine, after some fantastic Jungle fishing days.

During the entire fishing trip, we had good weather with mostly sunshine and high temperatures in the middle of day, so fishing was best morning and evening. The wildlife was, as always, incredibly, we spotted monkeys, gibbons, gaur, hornbills, kingfishers, Otter, elephant, wild boar, fish eagles as just some of the wildlife we saw on this fishing trip.

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