Jungle River Fishing Thailand
River Fishing Thailand
River Fishing Thailand
River Fishing Thailand
Jungle River Fly Fishing Thailand
Jungle River Fly Fishing Thailand

River Fishing in Thailand

River fishing in Khao Sok National Park, an incredibly jungle river fishing adventure in Thailand, with pickup from Phuket, Khao Lak and Cheow Lan.

The rainy season in Thailand varies from region to region. Very broadly speaking, Thailand’s rainy season can be classified as May/June to October. The river fishing season in Khao Sok National Park is influenced by the monsoon winds from both the Indian and Pacific Ocean. Our fishing locations inside Khao Sok National Park consist of 3 big rivers and 4 smaller streams. All are connected with Cheow Lan Lake.

The Bungalow on the lake is placed so that gives us a choice of rivers from different catchment systems. So our guide can choose the most appropriate river according to the various flow rates at that particular time of the year. In that way our clients always have the minimum travel time to the best river fishing. Some of our clients say that fly fishing the Jungle Rivers is difficult. We would say that it’s not difficult but it is different. We can guide you to be successful with fly fishing techniques which include – upstream dry fly, upstream nymph, New Zealand style – and the associated skills including river, observation, stealth, accurate delicate casting and careful wading.

Jungle River Fishing ThailandKhao Sok National Park

Is the area with the highest level of rainfall in Thailand, so the time scale, as described here, can change a little from season to season, but would be a good guide line, when planning your river fishing trip. The main fishing season runs from early September to early March.

September to November

Depending on how hard the rainy season treated us; the water level of most of the rivers can still be a little high. The water flow begins to slow down, making wading easier. Drifting flies across some currents might still be hard to do in some of the rivers until mid-November; this is a good time for nymphs and streamers. Dry fly action will bring some nice Mahseer and this action will definitely increase later in the season.

December to mid-March

We usually have sunny days and days mixed with some clouds. Not every season is the same, and the weather can rapidly change. The Jungle mountain range keeps much of the rain on the Surat Thani side, but we might have some rainy weather. December to the end of February gives you the best dry fly fishing. The water clarity at this time in the Jungle Rivers is crystal clear, and provides some fantastic river fishing for sighted Mahseer.

Camping trips

For the fisherman who is looking for a fishing adventure in the Jungle, staying overnight in the Khao Sok jungle at one of our river side camps, Experience the crackling from the campfire; the taste of jungle brewed coffee, December to March is the best time as usual at this time of year there is minimal rain.

April – August

April and May is the hottest months in Thailand, and the water level in rivers will be so low, that you have to go far up the rivers, to find pools that hold fish, and they will have lost much of their strength, because of the low oxygen level and high water temperature. The monsoon rain starts again around June. When the rain starts, and with an average rain fall of 3,500 mm per year, it can result in the rivers being impossible to fish, because of the likelihood of colored water and flooding due to the monsoon rains. There will be periods where you can do some river fishing but it is difficult to plan a fishing trip long in advance.

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