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Mahseer Fishing Camps – Camping Trips in Thailand

Guided Mahseer Fishing trips to remote Jungle Rivers; hike in and Fly fishing in untouched Mahseer jungle water, with Riverside Camps

Our Mahseer fishing camp trips with riverside camps; will allow you to fish in unspoiled Mahseer jungle waters. This fishing tour will take the traveller very deep into some of the most pristine Thai Mahseer Rivers, inside the jungle of southern Thailand. The area is known for its big Thai Mahseer that inhabits the deep pools in the Rivers; and there are still miles of jungle water not yet discovered by any angler.

Mahseer Camping Fishing ThailandThe Mahseer fishing trip with riverside camps is made on the wayyou fish moving upstream and some of the guides will go a short way into the jungle and make camp for the night. Next morning, you continue to fish moving upstream with a new riverside camps everyday so you fish new water all the time. During your fishing, you’re guide will carry spare rod and reel, supplies of flies, leaders, tippet or lure. Depending on which fishing method you prefer. Due to the heat there is only a limited selection of food which is ideal for long-term camping in the jungle; the food on the tour is mostly grilled pork or chicken that has been salted, bread, noodles, rice, and coffee. (Which is cooked in bamboo), nuts and dried fruits such as grapes and bananas. Drinking water comes from a KatadynVario EU Backcountry Series water pump.

Jungle River Camp

The jungle is a good place to make riverside camps, but it’s different from many other places. Firstly you will be wet. It is hot and humid, so you will sweat; water outside and water from the inside. You will be wet. It is impossible to be completely dry, so loose, light clothing is a must. Dry things to change into overnight and foot wear that can toll getting wet. For those who come directly from a cold climate; we recommend sleeping one night in the Jungle Base Camp. So you can acclimatize overnight, in this way you will begin your hiking in the morning, when it is cooler than the heat around mid-day. Trekking in a tropical rain forest and wet wade in jungle rivers poses unique problems to the health of your feet.  A good pair of wet wading boots is necessary on this trip.

Jungle Mahseer Fishing Camping TripsThe Right Clothes For Jungle Camping

Polypropylene underwear is an absolute must in tropical humidity. Cotton underwear will chafe and irritate you. Tropical long pants and long-sleeve shirts made of the lightest synthetic material made to feel like light-weight cotton. With these nylon pants and shirts, you can walk through tropical forest and the Jungle Rivers. The pants dry in 15-20 minutes while you walking in the jungle or along riverbanks. Clothes for fishing should be greenish in color; so you blend in with the natural surroundings and don’t frighten the fish. We have only good experiences with the Geoff Anderson Light Tropical clothing. Even after rain-showers the trousers will dry in no time.

During The Rainy Season

There will be leeches when you are hiking in the jungle. We will provide specials socks, but if you should be bitten the bite is not dangerous. Polaroid sunglasses, sun block, bug repellent, fishing hat, light weight waterproof clothing are recommended things to bring.

Mahseer Fishing Camping Trips Thailand - Thai FishingHammock Best Sleeping Place

You will sleep in a hammock on the trip, which is the best sleeping place, above the jungle floor. The Jungle Hammock and rain fly sheet we use; are designed for extreme wet jungle conditions when you want to keep your hammock and part of your camp dry. 100% waterproof. Longer and stronger, so it can handle taller and heavier people. It is also extremely comfortable for sleeping (as reported by our customers).

The dark mosquito netting is easy to see out of. Elastic cords hold the mosquito netting away from your face. The hammock has a mesh pocket inside the hammock. Two hanging loops at either end and with a heavy duty zipper than you can open from the inside or the outside. A blanket is also provided as the jungle can be chilly at night. Hammock Dimensions: 300cm long x 125cm wide (9′ 9″ long x 4′ wide) Comfortable for a person of up to 7′ 5″in height and 350 pounds in weight. During night hours the headlight Petzl Tikka Plus 2 to 50 Lumens, we use, works well in the jungle.

Mahseer Camping Package

With the most complete Mahseer fishing camps package that is available. We are proud of to offer you the opportunity of fishing in this unique place. All fishing equipment and transfer from Phuket, Krabi or Surat Thani Airport or from any hotel in Phuket and Khao Lak or Krabi town. All meals during the trip and accommodation at our jungle camps are included in our packages.

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