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Articles and Reviews

Here you can find articles and reviews, from our Jungle fishing trips in southern Thailand.


By Jakob Sørensen

The sweat is running off me, stinging my left eye. Cikader and mysterious birds create a classic, humming rainforest sound in the jungle behind me. I crawl carefully forward on my knees and come closer to the rivers clear water.

In front of me lies a wonderful pool and here in are two large, black shadows. They are thai-mahseer. A beautiful large scaled fish of the carp family, which lives wild, here in the rivers of Thailand’s lush jungle. I have had them in my thoughts for a long time, but for various reasons it is first now that I have the opportunity to travel down here. Read more…

Bone fish in the Thai jungleBone fish in the jungle

By Duncan Hall.

I lay suspended between two trees peering through the mosquito mesh and listening to the cacophony of frogs and less identifiable jungle sounds. Everywhere was dark: not just dark; but the pitch black characteristic of dense jungle, far away from human habitation.

The hammock in which I lay was enclosed and compact, resembling a shallow rectangular sarcophagus, fortunately zipped to prevent insects and worse, snakes from finding me at home. I hoped the shape of my sleeping container was not an omen of a sinister jungle encounter that was about to unfold. I am in the jungle in Southern Thailand. Read more…

A Thrilling Fly Fishing Adventure in ThailandA Thrilling Fly Fishing Adventure

By Dr. Nathan Miller.

This past January I had the pleasure of fly fishing with Meik from in the wild Thai jungle for Mahseer. Let me get this out of the way up front; If you are a fly-fisherman (you know who you are). This is one of the most amazing experiences you can have with a fly rod. Stop reading, email Meik and book.

Ok, you want still want details? I first contacted Meik, who is a passionate fly-fisherman, several months before a planned family trip to Thailand. After running across his website. I had never heard of Mahseer before, but the idea of fly fishing in one of the world’s oldest rainforests was intriguing. Read more…

Mahseer On Thai dry FliesMAHSEER ON THAI DRY FLY

By David Popp.

S­outh-east Asia has its fair share of famous saltwater destinations for the fly fisherman; like the Maldives or the east coast of Malaysia near Romping; which is known as a sailfish haven. Freshwater fly fishing on the other hand has been much less publicised.

I have worked as a research scientist in the city state of Singapore over the past five years and as an ‘outdoor enthusiast and fly fishing bum’ have experienced the hardest time so far in my life. In particular, when it comes to catching fish in the former English crown colony, good sport fishing on fly for predatory species like big ten-pound peacock bass can well be had in the many reservoirs. Read more…

Mahseer fly fishing ThailandMahseer fly fishing in the Thai Jungle

By Timothy Tan.

So we made a trip. To the Thai Jungle for what might be the most unforgiving, challenging and technical fly fishing. That is, fly fishing for the elusive Mahseer (Tor Tambroides).

This time of the year (March) is the dry season; where rivers are clear and Mahseers aplenty. The raw nature of this place cannot be put into words. A lush green jungle encircles a beautiful emerald lake which is fed by multiple rivers plus the fact that there are hardly any signs of other people out there are reasons why this place should be included on fly fishing bucket lists. Read more…

jungle Fishing Adventure Thailand Wild Fishing Adventure, Thailand

By Lyall.

Whoever would have thought there would be great fresh water fly fishing in tropical southern Thailand? It was one of those fishing adventures where the journey was as much fun as the fishing.

Two foreign fly fishermen left Singapore on an early Saturday morning cut priced flight to Phuket, just an hour away by air.  It was the start of a jungle fly fishing extravaganza. The target was the easily spooked Thai mahseer in the rivers feeding the jungle Lake in Thailand’s south. My German scientist co – fly fisher David and I were met at Phuket airport, by a Belgian driver. For a two hour trip on excellent roads north east to the jungle Lake, where we met our host Meik from Denmark. Read more…

Jungle Fly FishingThai Jungle Fly fishing 

By Paul England.

I went for a three day trip fly and spin fishing for snakehead and Thai mahseer to the Jungle in southern Thailand with Meik from Found Meik’s company through his website

I had the good fortune in November/December 2012 to be able to take 4 weeks on a trip of a lifetime. With stops in France, Belgium, Holland, Hong Kong, and of course Thailand. Without a doubt, the time I spent fishing with Meik stands out as the highlight of my trip. From the moment Meik’s associate Jan picked me up in Phuket. For the 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive to the jungle. I could not have been happier with the quality service from everyone involved and feel that Meik truly over-delivered on everything he advertises. Read more…

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