Jungle Lake Fishing Thailand – Fishing Report 8
Big Thai Mahseer From The Jungle Rivers

Big Thai Mahseer from the Thai Jungle.

Late January came Velici from Romania by with two of his friends. For 3 days lure fishing trip on the Lake. On the second morning on this trip: they caught a Thai Mahseer that stands-out from everything else that has been caught, so far in this season; An incredibly beautiful Thai Mahseer of 24lbs and 110 cm long.

Big Thai Mahseer from south Thai jungle rivers

The Lake has fished fine with Giant Snakehead up to around 6 kg. Some of the estuaries has been full of 2 – 3 kg Hampala barb. The early part of January was fairly wet, which was frustrating. As it is usually dry at this time of the season and made the river fishing difficult in some periods. However, in spite of this; the fly fishing in our jungle rivers has still brought many Mahseer between 2 and 5 lbs in January.

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