Fly Fishing Collaborative in Thailand – Fishing Report 5

Late in October, Thai Fishing had the honor to organize a guided Mahseer fly fishing trip, for the non-profit organization Fly Fishing Collaborative. The organization had just completed a project in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand.

They had spent the last two weeks building a Tilapia fish farm. So that the children that live at this Orphanage, now have a sustainable living for years to come. And an opportunity to live without fear of human traffickers. Some of the guys had decided they would celebrate it with a short fly fishing trip in our remote jungle rivers to chase the mighty Mahseer.

Fly fishing collaborative ThailandFly Fishing Collaborative is a non-profit organization

That partners with anglers, industry professionals, artists, and anyone else. Who shares the vision of using fly fishing to create change.  They sell guided fly fishing trips (donated and led by professional guides) and hand crafted leather fly wallets. In order to provide a sustainable livelihood for orphanages, that are rescuing children from human trafficking.

They give the orphanages the sustainable livelihood by building self-contained Tilapia farms. That provide meat, fresh produce, skills training, and ongoing resources for the orphanages. So they can in turn rescue more children from the human trafficking industry.

Having met and spent time with those, who run the Fly Fishing Collaborative. It is obvious to us at Thai Fishing that they are a dedicated bunch of people. Who are passionate about what they are doing and are really making a difference.

Here you can see a video from the project in Chiang Mai in the north. And the Mahseer fly fishing trip in south Thailand, Here

For those of you who would like to know more about the Fly Fishing Collaborative. You can find information at this link.

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