Lake Fishing Trip – Fishing Report 1

Two anglers from Denmark (Nicolaj & Erik)  had booked, a seven-day guided fishing trip. In both saltwater, and freshwater in mid-September. The plan was to start with saltwater fishing and end their fishing holiday. With a 4 day and 3 night fishing trip in the jungle.

Fishing Report ThailandThe two weeks before their arrival had been stormy, with very heavy rain. This made it impossible to fish in the ocean around Khao Lak. So we were forced to start with the Jungle fishing and hope that the water was not too colored. So it was with a certain excitement when the longtail boat took off at the pier and headed for our jungle camp.

Luckily the water in the lake, was not so colored that it could not be fished. Already the first afternoon we had a Giant Snakehead on the right side of 3kg in the boat. Generally the weather was on our side, with the exception of a single afternoon, with some strong winds and little rain here and there. we had a good number of strikes, from some pretty good sized fish. Released some Giant Snakehead in the 3-4 kg scale and Hampala Barb up to 2 kg in the lake.

Many of the major rivers in the area

Still ran with high and colored water because of the rain. But we found a small river, where it was possible to fish and we managed to find some nice Mahseer. Erik is a real fly fisherman, after a couple days nonstop casting, his left-forearm started to be painful. But with his huge passion for fly fishing, he continued undeterred and in the end. He had managed to catch both Giant Snakehead, Hampala Barb and Mahseer on the fly. When we had a break for lunch, he spent the time with a fly rod casting all around the bungalow, and he even managed to catch a Big Tinfoil Barb on a Nymph. Nicolaj  had the pleasure of catching this trips biggest Giant Snakehead.

Fun and humor was a big part of this whole trip. The food tasted wonderful – thanks to the chef in the Jungle Camp kitchen. On the way back to the pier it was two happy fisherman, filled with great nature experiences, and all the concerns before the trip were for no reason.

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