Mahseer Flies – Nymphs, Streamer and Dry Flies

Mahseer Fly fishing in Thailand is very similar to fly fishing for big Brown Trout. So many of the fly fisherman who love to hunt Trout on fly. Will probably already have something that works in your fly box.

Many of our fly fishing clients asks about which Mahseer flies. They need to tie before their Mahseer fly fishing trip. There are many flies that will catch Mahseer, and if you start searching on Google. For Mahseer flies, you will probably find fly names. Such as The Misty’s Perception Mahseer flies, different types of Sculpin flies. Misty’s Clearwater Mahseer Nymph and Gold Monkey Streamer, just to mention a few patterns.Unfortunately these are not the flies you need in Thailand. But they’re probably some of the best when you fly fish for golden Mahseer in the Himalayas.

Flies For Mahseer fly fishing ThailandWhen you book a trip with us

You don’t have to worry about flies.  We will provide the best Mahseer flies you can get. But for you who just like to tie your own flies, have a look below where it will give you a good idea of what to tie on your vice. Of course, there is a selection of Mahseer flies, which is hard for us, to put on-line, but when you come fishing with us, we will share our trade secrets with you!

Dry Flies

One thing that is common for all the dry flies we use is that they float high and dry, also in rapid water and they have a good “bug” silhouette. We have had great success with the well-known flies Royal Wulff, Stimulator, Elk Hair Caddis and Cicada dry flies.


The Nymphs we use are mostly weighted and many times it is upstream presentation technique, where the Nymph is presented upriver and made to bounce on the bottom, Nymphs like Flashback Hares, Ear Nymph, Damsel Nymph, stonefly, in various sizes and weights. Tungsten bead head can be good in some situations, but we like to use double eyes on many of our Nymph patterns, as it minimizes the problems with the bottom and do not forget the Mahseer has a Carp mouth.

Streamer Flies

We do not use Streamer Flies so much for the Mahseer, but when we do, it is Woolly Bugger, Sculpin and Flash Minnow flies in dark colors we use and all these have caught fish plus they are good flies to have in the box to others predators that live in our Jungle rivers.

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