Great Snakehead – Freshwater Fish Species in Thailand

Species: Channa marulius.

Common name: Cobra Snakehead, Great Snakehead, Bulls Eye Snakehead. Thai Name: Pla Tjon Gnoo How.

Distribution: They are native to most of Southeast Asia. But have been released in many other areas, where they have adapted with great success, including different states in US

Habitat: The natural habitats for Snakehead fish are swamps, weedy channels and lakes with densely growing vegetation.

GREAT SNAKEHEAD FISHThe Great Snakehead has dark eyes, a dipped snake like head with jutting bottom jaw and is brown/gold-tinted to pale gray to dark brown with large black blotches. It has a distinctive marking which is the black spot, rimmed with orange near the base of the tail fin. This is also known as an eye spot or ocellus. They are members of the freshwater perciform fish family Channidae. This consists of about 35 species.

Great Snakehead (Channa marulius)

Has become one of the most studied of the snakehead family, mainly because it has been found inhabiting canals in Florida. Where it is considered vermin because it is not a native fish species; there has been done extensive research on this species, mating habits unlike the Giant snakehead and others species of this family, where their activity in natural habitat has been rarely studied with much accuracy. They can grow fast after hatching and have no natural enemies, by eating insects and small water critters. As they get bigger they tend to hide in cover and eat – anything that moves; including fish, frogs, snakes, crustaceans and even birds and also rodents. It is a species that like to ambush its prey; they do not necessarily chase it.

Great Snakehead can spawn more than one time in a year

They are very prolific and produce a lot of young which have a good survival rate, so in a body of water they can become very common very quickly. Snakeheads reproduce by laying eggs in a nest they build in vegetation in shallow water. Females may produce 100 to 1000 young each time they spawn and sometimes they spawn more than one time in a year.

Size: It is the biggest of the snakehead species and can grow to more than 28kgs. (60 lbs) but none of this size have been caught on rod and line. The world record for this species is 4, 4 Kg and caught in Thailand in 2006.

Fishing method: Great Snakehead can be caught in many ways, by bait fishing with live fish or frogs. The Male is territorial so sight fishing with spinners, surface lures or minnows are all common fishing techniques.

Sexing: There are no apparent sexual differences, when they are sexually mature and pair up the female is the largest.

Source: WikipediaFishbase

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