GT Fishing Thailand Khao Lak Similan Islands

Giant Trevally Fishing in Thailand: Fly & Popper Fishing

Thai Fishing offer Giant Trevally fishing trips in Thailand. The fishing destination is just outside Khao Lak which is 100 km north from Phuket out to the west coast of southern Thailand in the Andaman Sea. The area offers some of the best coastal fishing in Thailand, for Giant Trevally.

Reef points with breaking waves and white foamy water can hold some mammoth fish; that you will wish you had never hooked. Giant Trevally (Caranx ignobilis,) or GT; as they are universally known as, are ‘pound for pound’ one of the toughest fish to catch in the world. The fish average from 3kgs to over 15kgs on the reefs north and south of Khao Lak.
Giant Trevally Fishing Khao Lak Similan Islands Thailand
Our fishing season begins in September and runs through to April and the best fishing time on the Khao Lak reefs is from September to December.

The most important aspect of targeting the GT on the reefs in Khao Lak, is the roll that the tides play in the daily pursuit of the fish. The GT fishing on the reefs is totally dictated by the tides and in particular the incoming tide, they swim into the reefs to hunt for the unsuspecting baitfish.

For you that are only looking for XL size Giant Trevally; we will recommend you look at our Jigging and popper fishing trips to the FAD at Similan Islands. The season is also longer, it runs through May.


The reef around Khao Lak on the west coast of Southern Thailand can provide hot action for the popper fanatic fisherman. One of the most exciting fishing methods for Giant Trevally is popper fishing – using large surface poppers that give a large splashy wounded baitfish action. Fishing the popper with a vigorous jerking motion is the preferred technique. Because of the noisy, splashy action is something that can get the attention of the GT’s and it produces some of the most spectacular visual surface strikes. The Giant Trevally hits hard and fast and fights with an incredibly power (and generally heading for cover of anything it can find.)

A buckled over rod pumping out 20 kg of drag is a sight that needs to be seen to be believed. Accompanied by the high-pitched hum of braid rocketing through the guides, coupled with sweat and sheer determination, this is what popper fishing for Giant Trevally is all about.

When Booking a Fishing Trip With Thai Fishing

The fishing is done from a 27ft walk-around sport fishing speed boat, with an Outboard 250HP. All Popper fishing equipment is included. You are obviously more than welcome to use your own equipment if you prefer to do so. The equipment we provide is free of charge: Shimano Twin Power SW 8000HG reels loaded with Power Pro braided line. Together with popper rods that balances to the reel and poppers. We have a huge selection of poppers and all the poppers are assembled with Owner Hyper wire split rings, together with Owner ST-66-TN-4X treble hook.

Giant Trevally Fishing Similan Islands ThailandFLY FISHING FOR GIANT TREVALLY

Giant Trevally on fly is one of the most challenging forms of fly fishing on the planet. Catching a Giant Trevally on a fly rod places you amongst a few elite anglers who have ever captured these species on fly. You will not forget the strike of a large Trevally on a popper fly. This is how most anglers prefer to approach these fish.

The fly fishing is done from our 27ft walk around sport fishing speed boat. While using a boat we have the opportunity to come in from deep water and get close to the rocks and reefs; so you have shorter casting distance for the GT’s; is not only GT you will be able to catch; you will also be able to catch Bluefin Trevally and Yellow-Tail Barracuda.

Sometimes it is necessary to tease the Giant Trevally out from the reefs and rocks. Therefore the captain will cast poppers out without hooks and retrieve them; at a high rate of speed to get the GT’s attention. The GT will aggressively hit the popper as soon as they see it and will follow it right in to the boat as it is being retrieved. The captain will pull the popper out of the water as it nears the boat, so the angler has to time the cast; so that the fly lands in the water at about the same time as the popper is pulled away from the fish. All the action takes place on the surface and it’s an incredibly visual angling.

Giant Trevally Fly Fishing ThailandFly fishing equipment for GT

We recommend 9′ ft single handed fast action rods for lines #8-11 and suitable fly reels with good quality drag and a minimum of 200 m strong backing. Floating lines and also intermediate tropical w.f. fly lines are the most used fly lines.

GT’s like fast moving flies and also surface popper flies, they can be taken on a wide variety of all big saltwater streamer patterns and top water poppers. Strong hooks are as important as anything. Good flies for Giant Trevally; Clouser Minnows, Deceivers sizes 1/0 – 4/0 in colours white, white/yellow, white/green, white/blue and also poppers in the same colours. Please note. There can only be fly-fished with one rod from the boat at time, so if you are 2 fishermen you will need to share the same rod. You will need to be able to make long casts. We do not provide or rent out, fly fishing equipment also flies. Be sure to bring a spare line and also spare backing. Because of the rocks and corals, or some Trevally might just grab your first outfit and take off to Japan!

GT Fishing ThailandTime schedule for Giant Trevally fishing trips:

Morning fishing trip starts at 07:30hrs pickup from your hotel in Khao Lak area; there will be approximately 30 minutes driving to the speedboat, and you will be back at your hotel around 14:00hrs.

Evening fishing trip starts at 14:30hrs pickup from your hotel in Khao Lak area; there will be approximately 30 minutes driving to the Speedboat, and you will be back at your hotel around 19:30hrs.

Please note the pick-up time above is only an example, so the pickup time will be determined by the tide on the fishing day.

GT Fishing Khao Lak Similan Islands ThailandGT FISHING IN KHAO LAK PACKAGE:

Peak season: October – December

What is included in the price:
– Pick up from any hotel in Khao Lak area
– Use of a 27 ft walk-around sport fishing speedboat
– Bottled water and soft drinks
– Thai captain and deckhands. They can help you with popper fishing. The staffs are NOT fly fisherman.
– All Popper fishing equipment (fly equipment not included) In case of broken or lost equipment i.e rods / reels appropriate charges will be made for replacement.

What to bring:
– Polarized Sunglasses
– Sun lotion
– Fishing hat
– Camera and your very best smile
– Lightweight waterproof clothing

1 person 8.500THB
2 person 9.400THB
(The trip is private charter maximum 2 person only on the boat)

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