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Fly Fishing Phuket – Sailfish Fly Fishing in Thailand

If you looking for Saltwater Fly fishing in Phuket the surrounding Islands are the hot spot for Sailfish in Thailand. The fastest fish in the ocean, the speed and the spectacular jumps make fly fishing for Sailfish, the ultimate excitement of saltwater fly fishing.

The Sailfish has brought many big game fishing tourists to Phuket. Chalong harbor in the southeast end of Phuket, is where most big game boats depart, from here you have the opportunity to fish around Koh Racha Yai and Noi Islands to the south, and is many of the game boats on day trips favorite destination. 56 miles southeast of Phuket Island, you have Koh Rok Islands, with there beautiful white beaches, crystal clear water. Making it the perfect destination for a live-aboard trip. Here you will often be able to troll you teasers undisturbed by other big game boats. The best fishing time is in the morning and afternoon. In high season it can be seen a large number of free jumping Sailfish in the afternoon.

There is no more thrilling way to pursue Sailfish than with a fly rod.

Sailfish Fly Fishing Phuket ThailandAn adrenaline charged atmosphere takes over as a fish appears behind a teaser, Sail erect and bill tapping the bait. Koh Rok Islands is noted for the number of sailfish that are raised. At times, that can be raised shoals of very playful fish. When this happens, it is important to quickly remove teaser lines from the water. Conversely, singles may require additional teasing with hook less baits cast in their direction. Wherever possible, the fly should splash down beyond the fish. Hook ups are much more positive when the fish takes the fly and going away from the boat. Conversely, it is difficult, if not impossible, to hook up on a fish when it takes the fly while swimming towards the boat.

The aptly named Flashy Profile style of fly is highly effective on Billfish; Wahoo and Giant Trevally. We have only good experience with fly to Billfish, when the fly is tied by the tube style and rigged with two hooks facing at 180 degrees. Opinions vary on best ways to ensure a hookup. But rely on razor sharp hooks and as the fish is running away from the boat.

Please note. We do not provide or rent out, Fly fishing equipment and flies on our saltwater trips.

Sailfish Fly fishing in Phuket; day trips or multi–day live–aboard charters

Sailfish Fly Fishing Phuket ThailandOur Sailfish fly fishing Destinations includes, Koh Rok, Racha Yai, Racha Noi Island and Green Island.

Boat charter:

For more info about the charter boats, please use the link below.

Boat 1 from 22.000THB per day

The trip starts with a 7:00 AM pick–up from your Phuket hotel, or Phuket International Airport to the pier in Chalong bay. All meals are included on the trip, along with fresh fruit, snacks, soft drinks, also tea/coffee and drinking water.

What to bring: All fly fishing equipment, Sunglasses, sun creme, light weight waterproof clothing, fishing hat, shirts and shorts, towel, camera.

Not included on the trip are; crew gratuities and alcoholic drinks. (We can provide alcoholic drinks on request at cost price). Domestic and international airfare.

We support Catch and release of all Billfish

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