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Fishing in Khao Sok – Mahseer Lure and Fly Fishing

Kao Sok´s jungle rivers and streams offer outstanding scenery and superb fishing, inside one of Thailand’s major National Parks

Thai Fishing are specialized in river and stream fishing in Khao Sok National Park; and have for years been the most productive guide team, who fish in these waters. We are proud to say that we personally and meticulously tailor all our tours for anglers of all levels. Our trips will give every angler a unique chance to experience Thailand’s real jungle and wildlife up close.

Fly and Lure Fishing in Khao Sok

The Jungle Rivers and streams which cut through the mountains and hills and feed the huge Cheow Lan Lake. Offer some world class lure and fly fishing for Thai and Blue Mahseer.

The habitat is in pristine condition and provides a mix of small streams and Freestone Rivers. They are absolutely loaded with fish and the fishing is consistently excellent through the season. Some of the rivers and streams in Khao Sok can be challenging, for the non-experienced fisherman, because of the surroundings. But it is also incredibly rewarding, since Mahseer feed very well, when they are undisturbed; but if they sense your presence, they are gone. So it’s fishing that will test your stalking and casting ability like never before! A good pair of sunglasses with Polaroid lenses and also a cap/eye shade to help cut out dazzle from the light are always important to carry on a fishing trip. Together with a good pair of wet wading boots, which are highly recommended for these river trips.

Fly Fishing Khao Sok Thailand Mahseer FishingFly Fishing

Fly fishing is a wonderful way to search out the Mahseer with amazing results. The jungle waters in Khao Sok boast the best dry fly and sight fishing in Thailand; this is not just fly fishing this is hunting! The gear for fly fishing is the same type as used for trout fly fishing in general around the world. 9ft fast fly rods in Class 5-8 are perfect for Nymph and Dry fly fishing in these rivers and streams.

Lure Fishing

Lures fished on light spin tackle and presented in the right way, can be very effective for Mahseer; especially at the start of our fishing season. When the water is high in the rivers, lure anglers have the advantage of long casting distances. That easily covers the rapid water and the big and deep pools. A 6 – 7 foot rod with a reel that is balanced to the rod; loaded, with 8 – 12 lbs. lines is perfect for most of the rivers and streams. Lures like, soft plastic, spinners, Spoons, floating and deep running wobblers; are all good when they are fished in the right way.

About Our Khao Sok Fishing Trips

We only do multi day trips to Khao Sok, and we recommend at least 3 day / 2 night trips. You can find much more info about fly fishing for Mahseer here.

When you are booking a trip with Thai Fishing, you will also have an opportunity to mix your fishing days with the lake fishing; you can find info about the lake fishing here.

Lure Fishing Khao SokKhao Sok National Park

Khao Sok is located in the south of Thailand. Between Surat Thani to the east (120km) and Khao Lak on the west coast (140 km) and northeast from Phuket (180 km). On December 22nd 1980 The Royal Forest Department of Thailand declared Khao Sok as the 22nd national park of Thailand. The Park covers 645 km2 of pristine wilderness and is a part of one of the oldest rainforest’s in the world.

The park borders Sri Phang Nga National Park to the south-west and Kang Krung National Park to the north. Together this whole region of protected rainforest covers a huge area of more than 4,000 km2. The area of Khao Sok has the highest level of rainfall in Thailand (3,500 mm per year). The heaviest rains are between May and October, the driest period between November and April; all this rain is helping to fill up the enormous Cheow Lan Lake, which is located inside the Park.

In most of the region, ground level is about 200m above sea level, with the average mountain heights around 400m. The tallest peak in Khao Sok is 960m in height. Because of this combination of seclusion and lush vegetation it has made Khao Sok National Park; a perfect habitat for a breath-taking array of animals, plants and trees.

Wildlife in the National Park

Khao Sok rainforest has an amazing array of wildlife. There have been recorded 48 species of mammals, so it is one of the places in Thailand where there live the greatest variety of mammals. You can find the Malaysian Sun Bear, Barking Deer, Mouse Deer, Leopard, Clouded Leopard, Malaysian Tapir, wild Elephant, Monkey, Gibbon, Gaur Cow, also Wild Boar and Otter amongst a host of other astonishing creatures.

There is also a great diversity of bird life that dwells around the Lake. With 311 recorded species, five different types of Hornbill, various Kingfishers and also different Eagles can be spotted here. The park has become famous for bird watching and is visited every season by bird watchers from all over the world; to experience this incredible variety of different bird species.

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