Fishing Cheow Lan Lake
Fishing Cheow Lan Lake Thai Mahseer Fly Fishing
Fishing Cheow Lan Lake Giant Snakehead Fishing
Fishing Cheow Lan Lake Thai Mahseer Fishing
Fishing Cheow Lan Lake Hampala Barb Fly Fishing
Fishing Cheow Lan Lake Giant Gourami Fly Fishing

Fishing in Cheow Lan Lake – Thailand

Fishing in Cheow Lan Lake, a true Jungle fishing adventure. Our Cheow lan fishing guide will bring you to the best wild freshwater fishing in Thailand.

Cheow Lan Lake is known as Thailand’s Top freshwater fishing destination; for anglers there looking for a fishing experience beyond the ordinary. The Lake located in the heart of Khao Sok National Park is man-made. Created in 1982, and is more than just another fishing vacation destination. The fishing in Cheow Lan Lake will give you the opportunity, to catch some of the most popular freshwater fish in Thailand.

The freshwater reservoir “Cheow Lan Dam” also known as Ratchaprapha Dam, has created a perfect habitat for large populations of many different species of fish. With a size of 165 square kilometers, makes it the second largest freshwater lake in Thailand and places with depths over a hundred meters; Cheow lan lake has the capacity to produce trophy fish. It is surrounded by stunning views of mountains, limestone cliffs. Not to mention hundreds of small islands and bays, where the drowned trees from when the rainforest was flooded, still rise from the lake bottom.

Fishing Cheow Lan Lake Thailand Giant Snakehead FishingThe fishing in Cheow Lan Lake

Offer a variety of fish which are interesting for the fisherman. Like Striped and Giant Snakehead, Hampala Barb also known as Jungle Perch, Blue and Thai Mahseer, Asian River Catfish, Giant Featherback and the Great Snakehead. Just to mention some of the most famous species. You can find much more info about the different fish that live in the lake, on our freshwater fish species page. You can often spot big shoals of Hampala Barb as they press shoals of baitfish to the surface when they are feeding; the speed of movement and rapacious feeding means that slow-moving bait fish will simply be out maneuvered and devoured. The Cheow Lan freshwater reservoir is also one of the last places in Thailand. Where you have the chance to see Giant Mekong Catfish alive in the wild, which is one of the biggest freshwater fish in the world.

This amazing lake is a paradise for the freshwater angler who has a penchant for wild and strong fish. Everything about this place is alive in the real sense. Our Cheow Lan lake fishing trip offers some fantastic lure fishing for the aggressive Giant Snakehead fish. In the lakes weedy and submerged trees areas, hide the Giant Snakehead ready to attack, passing fish and frogs. Nothing slow swims in Cheow Lan Lake and stays alive for long.

Fishing Cheow Lan Lake Thailand Mahseer Fly FishingIf you are looking for the adventure of a real jungle fishing trip in Thailand, where luxury is not the most important factor; But a fishing experience in the wild jungle, which you will remember long after your fishing vacation; then you have found what you are looking for. Because this is what our Cheow lan Lake fishing trips are all about and what makes them so special!

Our bungalows on Cheow Lan Lake

All have wonderful surroundings and is set in a tranquil atmosphere. So after a long fishing day, it is the perfect place, to relax and enjoy the breathtaking nature unfolding outside your door. Wake up in the morning, to the sound of the jungle. In the pristine surroundings of south Thailand’s jungle, is just an experience you will never forget.

We are proud of we can offer trips to the best wild freshwater fishing in Thailand and can say that; we use only top quality fishing equipment. It is important to us that your trip meets your expectations. So that we may tailor your Cheow Lan Lake fishing trip to your own specific needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or special requirements.

Please note: It is recommended that you arrange your own holiday/travel insurance before booking your fishing holiday to Thailand.

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